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Launched in 2009, Bing is the search engine from Microsoft and the closest thing to a rival Googles search engine has. And by closest I mean not even remotely close.Bing, however, is attempting to position itself as more than just a box where you search things, stating that Voice search works in Xbox because of Bing. Office documents can embed images and detailed maps because of Bing. You can hover your Windows Phone over a sign in a foreign language and get an instant translation because of Bing. Still, we all use Google because of Bing. Yesterday, Microsoft introduced a new logo for Bing designed in-house.The previous logo was, and still is, an abomination here is my original review (plus its 300+ comments) and here it is taking the number one spot in 2009s Worst list. With logos that I hate upon launch I usually tend to soften my feelings as years go by. With this one, three years in? Still hate everything about it and Im quite satisfied that it is now gone. Unfortunately we didnt get much in return.We love the flat design, to be honest. We've wanted to know why in recent years almost all of the internet is being pulled into 2D or the flat UI as we call it. It now almost gone to that sickening stage where we see the websites being revamped because of the new flat logo of the brand. Brands as we know, are always in the race to keep up with the fad.

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