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I will spare you my usual introductory paragraph this morning since you all know what Facebook is and what it does and get right to the point. Last month, without much fanfare, Facebook introduced a revised version of its f Logo which is meant to be used to promote an organizations or persons presence on Facebook. Its ubiquitous yet I had never realized there was, officially, a lighter blue line at the bottom of it. Along with the new f Logo also comes an official brand page and a revised set of icons for all the different services/pages found throughout the Facebook universe. Obviously this is not the most earth-shattering change in the history of logo changes but its my duty to report on it, since, like, a billion people use Facebook.So, yeah, there is no more lighter blue line. And the world keeps chugging along. I dont even know why it was there in the first place. In the new version the f bleeds out and becomes bigger, which is very helpful since people are using the social sharing icons in really tiny dimensions now that there is dozens of icons to share stuff with. Whats more interesting about this whole story is Facebook making a more conscious effort to establish whats right and wrong since so many people have just grabbed unofficial icons off Google image searches or just created their own (I know I have) and also now that Twitter has upped its game graphically, Facebook cant rest on its laurels. And for a site that changes design every other month and where every platform experience feels different (and almost alien to each other) perhaps this is a sign that things are about to get more consistent. The icons shown below are also a good indication of a graphic standard being set in place. And that can only be promising. Unless they change everything again in a few months, which wouldnt be surprising.

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